Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Accountex 2014 My Experience Part 2

After our visits to the arena's to watch the speeches we continued to have a wonder round to see what other stuff there was to see before we made our way to Xero village (which is the accounting software we use). Firstly we had a look at SAGE's setup (Xero's main competitor) and just like we had thought they had gone all out, they had a huge space for their display which consisted of some really flashy decoration, flat screens everywhere and of course to top It off a huge smoothie bar serving free and fresh fruit smoothies, which we did really enjoy.


Xero Village


With our look at everything else over, we took a brisk walk across the room to Xero Village, which I have to say wasn't as cosmetically appealing as say SAGE's setup but was definitely a lot more people friendly and helpful. They had stalls all around the village consisting of the different partners to the Xero software which they've only just started trying to push forward to current Xero users, we then started our round of visiting each stall to hear the details on what the services were and how much they cost and just exactly how they run alongside Xero.

We came away with at least three of the add-ons having been of interest to us, one of which was called RecieptBank in which you photograph receipts and there company generates the data and returns all valuable and needed information back and into Xero for you! This to us is a massive step towards eliminating the most tedious and longwinded jobs such as actual data input so we will definitely be looking into this!

In the end we had an overall really good day, gained lots of new contacts and lots of useful information, so anybody who's looking to attend the business show or Accountex I would highly recommend it!

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